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What make the MRE pouch so special?



Dear Valued Customers,

You know us from our 32+ years of running the world’s first and most complete MRE Smorgasbord.

After several months offline, making legal and operational changes, WE’RE BACK!

And, we’re taking a leap forward.  We found the best way to reinvent and thoroughly renovate our 32 year-old, specialty food company, by teaming up with

It’s a brave new world and we’re keeping up with it.  We’re busting out our new partnership, combining our experience, expertise and vast selections WITH the famous low prices and great shipping of!

We appreciate your patience while we have been restructuring.  Now, we look forward to bringing you more selection, variety and product knowledge as we continue to rebuild our MRE Smorgasbord, one department at a time!

Long Life Food Depot Staff


The MRE Full Meal is still one of the most sought after combinations of ready-to-eat meals and accessories available for emergencies and roughing-it situations.

In one easy-to- rip-open bag, you get enough caloric energy and nutrients for almost a whole day, and enough food variety and taste to remind you of home-cooked meals when none are around.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy MREs from Long Life Food Depot

1) We Love MRE Technology

In 1983 we were the first company to sell MREs to civilians. After 32+ years in the field, we believe in MREs more than ever as the best outdoor and emergency food solution.

For all those years, we managed the world’s only complete on-line MRE Buffet, with the widest selection of individual MRE pouches and full meals around. We were proud to offer more selections than our best competitors.

Now we’re starting over with our new powerful partner. Although we are starting with a small selection, we are dedicated to gradually bringing you a full MRE Buffet once again.

2) Top Notch Storage

MRE pouches are the best mid-term (1-10 years) emergency and outdoor survival food in the world! So we do all we can to preserve them, present them and get them in your hands.

The rough and tumble MRE pouch can weather a lot, but before it gets to your backpack or storage space, a hot warehouse just won’t do! stores their products properly. And, as we add our own products to Amazon’s selections, our dedicated, unique Cool Rooms will be back in service. These rooms were custom-designed to extend the potential long shelf-life of your future MREs.

3) Fast, Local Shipping WITH
Many of our featured products now include fast, local shipping with the best rates made possible by While some products may be shipped by other companies from various locations, we are working with to gradually increase the range of MRE and related products available for local, affordable shipping rates in the near future.
4) Quantity Discounts
For 32+ years we offered graduated quantity discounts. In our new partnership with, we now offer a similar benefit. The more products shipped by, the better the shipping rate per item.